The Youth Wise Mentoring Alliance is a movement of faith organizations and churches adopting the
Youth Wise Mentoring model and working together to help kids in our communities

Mentoring Alliance

Youth Wise Mentoring is designed as a model, which is really a system. To adopt Youth Wise Mentoring you first learn the model, and then you implement each component of the model. By doing so you will have in place an evidence based, best practices one-on-one youth mentoring program.

The Youth Wise Mentoring Alliance will be beta tested with a few churches and organizations, then starting in November, 2023, membership in the Alliance will be opened to churches and organizations across the country. Membership in the Alliance allows faith organizations and churches to adopt the Youth Wise Mentoring model and get an out-of-the-box, ready made youth mentoring program that will enhance their ability to help youth.

An Alliance member can use Youth Wise Mentoring as an "Inreach" or an "Outreach" tool, or both. For Inreach, it would be used to mentor youth that are currently involved in the church or organization's other programs. For Outreach, it would be used to reach outside of the walls of the church or organization to help the youth in their neighborhood community.

Equipped to Succeed

For Alliance members, Youth Wise Mentoring comes complete with:
  • Coordinator Training (learning the model)
  • Coordinator Coaching (implementing the model)
  • Marketing & Recruiting Materials
  • Screening & Matching Process
  • Intake & Closure Procedures
  • Supervision & Support Structure
  • Training & Feedback Tools
  • Match Closure & Renewal Process
  • App & Online Mentoring Management Software