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"Research shows that children who thrive in the midst of extraordinary challenges have at least one non-parent adult who provides consistent emotional support." Jean Rhodes, Stand by Me: The Risks and Rewards of Mentoring Today's Youth

Youth Wise Mentoring aims to bring about positive holistic change in each young person participating in our program. We do this by providing caring adult mentors who are there for them, no matter the challenge, difficult situation, or life question.

Youth Wise Mentoring works in three ways

  1. Matching Agency:  We are a matching agency that matches youth with mentors and provides ongoing mentor training and supervision. (Available now)
  2. Mentoring Collaboration: We work along side organizations under our Matching Agency to give them the mentor and facilitator roles to run that part of the program. (Available now)
  3. Mentoring Alliance We train organizations how to adopt the Youth Wise Mentoring model so they can become successful matching mentoring agencies. (Available in November, 2024)


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