“Youth Wise has helped my son by having a positive outlet when he has felt like he couldn’t come to me or his dad. There are so many youth in society that don’t have positive role models or influences in their lives and it only takes one person to change/save a child’s life. My son’s mentor has been that for him.”  – Keyonna

“My grandson’s mentor has been an amazing influence on him. Even during Covid 19, his mentor has come through with some great things to do with his mentee. This program  has been amazing  for my grandson.”
– Suzanne

“My son loves the Youth Wise mentorship program and so do I!! He looks forward to his weekly outings/calls. My son’s mentor is encouraging my son to read more which is so great!!” – Leila

“Finding Youth Wise was an answer to prayer! My grandson’s mentor has been a real blessing!” – Valree

“I have two children with Youth Wise mentors. Each of them, my 7th grade son and my 3rd grade granddaughter, usually list their mentor at the top of their gratitude prayers. That says EVERYTHING to me.” – Karla