Orientation meetings are an introduction to Youth Wise Mentoring and are part of the application process of becoming a Youth Wise Mentor. These group meetings present the need that youth have for mentors, introduce the Youth Wise Mentoring model, and outline the commitment needed to be a Youth Wise Mentor. The Orientation is an initial training of how to mentor a young person. A prospective Mentor must attend an Orientation meeting prior to being matched with a Mentee.

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Training meetings occur once a month and are for approved Mentors and mentoring Coaches. The Mentors and Coaches within an area (or those involved with an Alliance member) meet together as a community to get ideas from each other and to receive practical training in how to succeed as a youth mentor.

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Gala is our once-a-year big fundraising event showcasing powerful testimonies revealing the need for children to have a caring adult mentor in their life. Enjoy a catered dinner with friends, see how Youth Wise Mentoring is uniquely meeting this need, and come support this important cause.

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Awareness events are gatherings that we organize to help involve people in growing the Youth Wise Mentoring movement in our communities. Some awareness events are designed to recruit new participants while others are designed as fundraising events to help sustain and grow the cause.

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