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Welcome to Youth Wise!

Coming this April, 2014, we are launching Youth Wise Mentoring. This will be our one-on-one youth mentoring program for 10-18 year old kids in Seattle. Be looking for more information…and a new look!

The greatest issue facing young people isn’t the drop-out rate, drug use or even teen suicide. It’s the feeling of being unwanted.

In today’s fast paced world it is easy to feel an unease about the corruption of our youth and what this means for our future. Yet, even with the negative values kids are learning from much of the media they consume, the absence of fathers in raising kids, the rise in gang activity, and the epidemic of cutting and eating disorders, there is hope, great hope, for the future of our youth.

Kids need someone who is genuinely there for them and loves them. They need goodness they can believe in.

Through collaborating with non-profit organizations, local churches and businesses, sports and education programs, and caring volunteers, Youth Wise is reaching the youth in our community. To help lead this effort Youth Wise mobilizes and trains full-time youth leaders who have a heart for kids, a desire to be challenged, and a need to┬áhave a vital mission in their life. Youth Wise leaders work to serve the community and be in the lives of youth on a consistent and dependable basis. As one teenager said, “Just having someone who I knew was there for me who could help me meant a lot. At a very difficult time in my life I wasn’t alone.”

Youth Wise:

Is dedicated to developing full-time youth leaders with exemplary character and wise leadership skills.

Is dedicated to reaching out to youth by serving our community and providing caring mentorship.